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Business Leadership Club Presents: Transferring to a Four-Year College

By Matthew Medeiros

On Thursday, April 1st the Business Leadership Club held an online workshop titled Transferring to a Four-Year College with special guest host Elizabeth Harrison, Associate Director of CSS Transition Services. To start off our latest workshop, our club advisor Professor Kourani welcomed all of our members, guests, and other professors in attendance and informed us about the topic of the workshop, who Ms. Harrison is and her credentials, as well as ensuring everything was working efficiently on Zoom.

This workshop was a little different than most because it was not only business related like some of our other events, but this information is helpful for all students. Because of this, we had an enthusiastic audience and many new faces who now know our club offers many interesting workshops such as this. Ms. Harrison was an exceptional speaker, she helped every student with their questions, her answers were direct and clear, and her knowledge on all New Jersey schools and their requirements was exactly the advice we needed.

Overall, our Transferring to Four-Year College was so helpful and such a popular success that you shouldn’t be surprised if you see it back again next year!

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