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Business Leadership Club at CUMAC

By: ShaMayra Moses

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On Wednesday November 7th, the Business Leadership Club members participated in a community service at CUMAC with club advisor Professor Khaloud Kourani.

“My experience volunteering at CUMAC was a very positive one. I have lived in Paterson, New Jersey for pretty much my entire life and I had no idea what “CUMAC” written on a brick wall of a building stood for or all that it encompass…(that) opens up a great conversation about one of the many gems Paterson has,”said Kourani.

“ I was amazed to learn about everything they do for the people of our community. From volunteering in an assembly line creating grocery bags to seeing the thrift store they have managed to set up (provide) food and clothing for their clients. They showed us what it meant to give back and care for your community in an outstanding and truly inspiring way,” Kourani continued.

“While there, we also had the advantaged to (work) with intelligent individuals who were equipped with the knowledge to assess us (as) business administration majors. Overall, CUMAC is a valuable place and I’m glad I was a given a chance to experience such through active membership of BLC,”Kourani concluded.

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