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Breathe, Relax, and Meditate Event at the Wellness Center by Dixon Rexach Toro

Contributors: News Reporter Evelina Nunez and Associate Editor Paul Angel Perdomo

On Tuesday, February 27th, from 2-3pm, in room M237, the 1st Peer Leader of the Center of Wellness, Student Advocacy, and Prevention, Dixon Rexach Toro, hosted the “Breathe, Relax, and Meditate” event which allows students to be in a space where they can take a few moments in their busy schedule to unwind and rejuvenate themselves through the ancient practice of meditation. 

Through the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, Dixon Rexach Toro, being a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist practitioner, provided PCCC students to the opportunity of using Buddhist teachings to alleviate any stress, if present. In the event, the host gave the chance to have students practice breathing techniques, mindfulness, and access to triggering the relaxation response. The event was broken into two sections. The 1st section had participants practice a Zen Buddhist breathing technique called “Bamboo Breathing” and the 2nd section has participants practice mindfulness meditation to feel more grounded in their mind and body. 

Wellness Center specialist Autumn Pilatowski, along with the rest of the Wellness Center community, was able to provide aid and assistance to making the event possible, as the Wellness Center was able to launch the 1st Peer Leader-hosted event for the PCCC community.

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