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Bon Appetit! See What’s Cooking—PCCC Cafe

The cafe is a staple to any college campus; it's a place where students go to socialize and fuel up for the rest of the school day. This semester, PCCC has new and tasty restaurants to the campus. Here’s a helpful guide to some of the restaurants and the most popular dishes that students are living for!

Stones original Jerk Chicken:

Stone's original Jerk Chicken is a diverse restaurant with a wide variety of 18 dishes that are made with 32 spices at an affordable price. The head chief, Stone, has been cooking for 30 years and has a love and passion for feeding others. Some of the most popular dishes is the, Jerk chicken, BBQ Jerk chicken, Fried chicken and Stones Rasta pasta. If you find yourself loving these meals, be sure to check out Stones second location which is located on 500 East 30th St Paterson, NJ.

Rasta Juice Bar and Restaurant:

It’s all peace and love at the Rasta Juice Bar and Restaurant where students rush to buy their famous fruit smoothies. There, you’ll find Evon who makes all of the smoothies and is happy to be of service to the PCCC community. One of the most popular meals is the Monday special which consists of curry shrimp and so much more! The Mango smoothies also seem to be what everyone is raving about! Come and stop by for a Rasta experience.

Gyro Stop:

The name itself gives the Restaurant justice; it's definitely a “stop” worthy place to get your dose of a delicious Mediterranean cuisine for the day. Here, you’ll find Rick who enjoys conversing with the student community and serves with a warm smile. The popular dish at the Gyro Stop is the chicken gyro!

Empanada House:

Empanada house is one of those restaurants you can make a quick stop at to pick up a savory treat as you race towards your next class. The chicken, beef and cheese empanadas as well as the chicken quesadilla and lemonade are the top favorite picks at this up and coming Restaurant. There, you’ll find Mohammad who works at a fast pace so you can get to where you need to go on time.

Panther Cafe:

Hey! We had to save the best for last; the Panther Cafe is an essential staple to the PCCC community. Students love coming here for the value meals, the burgers, smoothies and milkshakes. We can't forget about Gail, Vicky, and Jamal who are not only passionate about serving the students but will leave you laughing before heading into class.

So, there you have it Panthers, bon appetit!

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