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BHCC Presents Harlem Rennaissance Event by Ashley Ruiz

On Wednesday, February 28, The Black History and Culture Club hosted The Harlem Renaissance event in the Paterson Room at PCCC. The event was held to honor and highlight the rich history of the Harlem Renaissance art movement of the 1920s-1930s.

The event included jewelry making activities, music, performances, food, beverages, live music, and poetry. A presentation by Ayana James was also held, educating attendees about the history of the movement and how essential it was to the liberation of African Americans across and beyond the US, highlighting literature, artists, and writers who led the art movement of the Harlem Renaissance. The event included guest speaker from Harlem, New York, Delshawnda Pugh, who spoke about the impact of the Harlem Renaissance movement and how it has affected the modern state and culture of Harlem today.

During the event, a riveting poem in honor of Malcolm X was performed by Professor Joel Keys along with musical live performance by Sterling C Sample, a steel pan player from Trinidad and Tobago who provided a brief history on the steel drums and their importance during slavery. One of the songs he performed was a cover of "Under the Sea" from Disney movie "The Little Mermaid;" here's a quick clip!

The event was a great educational opportunity for students and faculty on campus to learn about the importance of the Harlem Renaissance during this year’s Black History Month and also to have fun and make art of their own through jewelry making.

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