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Be The Match: Blood Stem Cell Donation

By: Janae Bailey via. NSO

Did you know every three minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia (Be the Match, 2018)? This means, every three minutes someone in the United States needs a blood stem cell donation. Patients with blood cancers and other deadly diseases are hoping to find their genetic match, someone willing to donate lifesaving blood stem cells to be their cure. You have the power to change that hope into reality and save a life through blood stem cell donation. Here’s what you need to know.

* Donors between the ages of 18 and 44 have the greatest chances for successful transplants (Be the Match, 2018).

* Donors of various ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to give, since patients in need of a transplant are more likely to match with someone who shares their ethnic background (Be the Match, 2018).

* Donors never pay to donate blood stem cells (Be the Match, 2018). Be The Match will reimburse for travel cost, medical cost, and other cost on a case-by-case basis (Be the Match, 2018).

* Methods of donation include peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) and bone marrow.

* 80% of blood stem cells are donated by PBSC, a nonsurgical procedure where blood is removed through a needle on one arm, very similar to having blood drawn (Be the Match, 2018).

* 20% of blood stem cells are donated by bone marrow, which is a surgical procedure that takes place in an operating room (Be the Match, 2018). While the donors are under anesthesia, a doctor uses a needle to withdraw liquid marrow from the back of the donors’ pelvic bone (Be the Match, 2018).

* Recovery varies but donors are generally able to return to school or work within 1 to 7 days following donation (Be the Match, 2018).

* Patients who receive these donations include those with Leukemia, Lymphoma, Sickle Cell, and other deadly diseases.

How can you donate you ask?

You can text Cure65 to 61474

Click on the link and complete the survey


Go to and register

What if it were a loved one in need of a blood stem cell donation? Would you do it then? For more information on blood stem cell donation, please visit Be the Match at

This is the season for giving and this gift can save a life. Happy Holidays! Yours truly,

Janae Bailey, on behalf of the Nursing Student Organization (NSO) For more information regarding NSO, please contact us at

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