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Awareness Expo at Passaic County Community College by Paul Angel Perdomo and Dixon Rexach Toro

On Thursday, March 14, located in The Center of Leadership Excellence (CLE) A125, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) officer and Service Coordinator Maria Posada held the PTK expo as part of PTK Awareness Week.  

She hopes to bring new information to new students and expose the many leadership positions available for the PCCC community. This event aims to bring awareness about the benefits of being a part of the PTK community and help bring opportunities for students who wish to achieve high academic standards and pave the way for a better future.  

There are four subjects that students were exposed to: access to scholarships, fellowship events, service-related events, and leadership. Each section has its own goal and benefits for the students and the community itself. 

In the scholarship table, PTK motivates new students to join the organization and help to be academically and financially sound, which helps students get into the universities that will accept the 3 credits of PTK.  

The Leadership table directs the student towards the responsibilities as a PTK member, like volunteering to help out the college, which gives the student the chance to build up their leadership skills.  

As for the Fellowship section of the expo, students were exposed to a mixture of workshops and activities that are either fun or beneficial for the near future, like resume-building and job interview practices.  

The Service table exposed the ongoing of the Service Committee, which gives back to the PCCC community via promoting or hosting any activities and events like PTK bake sales, food pantry drives, fundraising, and most notably, the 5K Walk.  

Maria Posada shows great pride in holding the PTK awareness expo, who hopes to give new students opportunities to achieve academic excellence, help do the same with other new students in the future, and help new students to grow personally and professionally as they progress in their academic careers. 

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