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Business Leadership Club Members at CUMAC - Thanksgiving by Anthony Livoti

On Wednesday, November 22, members of the Business Leadership Club volunteered their time to participate in a community service event at CUMAC, alongside with the club advisor, Professor Khloud Kourani.

Being able to briefly work with CUMAC was an absolute blessing. Growing up, there were many times where money was extremely tight and there wasn't always a lot of food to put on the table. So being able to help provide families with a hearty Thanksgiving dinner meant a lot to me personally.

I also got to learn about the history of CUMAC, and how it all began out of a small church that kept expanding. The people there do wonderful work and I look forward to contributing to their wonderful organization again.

For further information, please contact:


Business Leadership Club:

Club Advisor: Professor Kourani,

Anthony Livoti, Business Leadership Club Treasurer

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