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Dr. Rose's Annual Holiday Party - 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

On Wednesday, December 13 at the Institute of America’s New and Emerging Workforce, the PCCC community all came to celebrate Dr. Rose’s Holiday Party located at 113 Van Houten Street.

As all the students, faculty, and staff start to wind down from all the hard work done throughout the year, they find themselves full of Holiday Cheer as the Holiday Party provides the opportunity to alleviate one’s stress through the spirit of communion and friendship.

This season's greetings provide one’s heart with warmth and ease as acquaintances and co-workers came together not as individually working colleagues on the same campus but as friends, family, and companionship beyond such barriers.

The President of PCCC Dr. Rose, as well as the Vice President Dr. Jaqueline Kineavy, Petar Drakulich who is the Professor of History and Chair of Social Sciences, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, & Sociology, and Lorraine Hicks who is the Secretary of English/Fine & Performing Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Criminal Justice, & Human Services, several deans from various different departments of the campus, staff and faculty members have all came to spend time with fellow workers as the holidays slowly creep in. Chef Louis Hernandez and his students generously extended their hand to provide the food for the festivities.

Professor Drakulich dressed up as Santa Claus and Professor Hicks as an Elf to commemorate the holiday season.

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Dec 18, 2023

Happy Holidays Everyone!

-Dixon R.T.

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