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A Letter from the Editor-In-Chief – Farewell & Happy Holidays! By Dixon Rexach Toro

Dear PCCC,

As the sun sets around 4 in the afternoon, the dead-like trees dance in the wind, and the cold weather paralyzes your body, one then starts to wind down from all the stress felt throughout the year.

As the end of 2023 comes closer each day, let me remind you of something before it goes. Man, through strife and hardship, can grow to expand beyond the borders they set in place. You should know what I mean, as we all have persevered against the obstacles which have fettered us down. We push our boundaries to have our limitations higher than the sky itself. You are strong, determined, driven, and proud of who you are and what you can do. You deserve to rest easily, knowing all the stress made was worth it.

As we transition into the holiday season, let me offer you a perspective that you can use as a guide as you enjoy the rest of 2023; do not see your fellow PCCC members as individuals who are separate from you but as a collective group of people who meet resistance, strain, and pain as they all seek the same common goal: success.

We all share a common struggle and desire. As a proud and powerful community we are, let us honor the past work we put forth, embrace each other in the present, and work together for a better future.

For now, let’s rejuvenate ourselves in this break. Your merit is the cause for it.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Dixon Rexach Toro, Editor-In-Chief of Visions Newspaper at PCCC

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