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A Delicious Time for Paterson Plates

On November 13th, The Men of Color Initiative, along with the Passaic County Community College, held a fundraising event that got many students and faculty to come together and enjoy a wide variety of food. The event was held in the Hamilton Club building at 1 PM. The plates on the Paterson Plates had a diverse selection of food from different cultures. Different ethnicities were represented on these plates that reflected the diversity of Paterson.

The food that was offered various from African-American, Middle Eastern, Puerto Rican, and many more cultures that highlight Paterson’s vastly diverse population. The event also had healthy food options and dessert, as well.

While the food was the main drive for this event, they also had different presentations that represented music in various cultures such as Mariachi music, and even students from Rosa Parks High School in Paterson, NJ, were invited to sing choir music. One of the ambassadors of the program, Edgar Rodriguez, spoke about the importance of Paterson Plates. “Paterson Plates is all about gathering people together from within and outside the campus to discover new cultures through good food,” Rodriguez stated.

The Men of Color Initiative is planning to continue the event at a later date.

For more information about Paterson Plates or the Men of Color Initiative, contact: Co-Founder of Men of Color Initiative/Professor James Sanders at

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