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National Student Government Summit Washington D.C.

Dear Panthers,

This is Sure Aygun, your Student Government Association President. I’m thrilled to share with you that the SGA recently attended the National Student Government Summit (ASGA) in Washington D.C. from October 5th to October 8th.

The National Student Government Summit is designed to train and improve Student Governments, and our goal was to learn ways in which we can develop our leadership skills and be better advocates for you - the PCCC student body.

While we were there, each SGA officer attended countless conferences and roundtables to understand how other Student Governments solve issues they may face as student leaders, and to collect skills and guidance on how we can improve the PCCC student experience back at home for our Panthers.

In between working, we were also able to tour Washington D.C. and visit some landmarks of our federal government. This year was also the first time ever that the SGA was able tour the White House, which we were very grateful to

Senator Cory Booker’s team for helping us arrange. The SGA also toured the Capitol Building and visited the Washington Monument as well as the Lincoln Memorial. Additionally, some SGA members visited The National Museum of African American History and Culture while other members visited The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

We are grateful for this unforgettable experience, and we are excited to put everything we learned to good use. I would like to thank President Steven Rose for making this trip possible, as well as our SGA Advisors, Dr. Ian Wolf and Rafaela Ramirez. A special thanks to the staff at the Center for Student Engagement, Iris Miolan and Lizbeth Coliente, for their efforts and contributions in organizing and planning this event for us.


Sure Aygun

SGA President

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