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The Business Plan Competition by Anthony Livoti and Monica Jakubowski

(Photos by Nahdjah K. Luciano)

On November 16th, 2023, the Business Leadership Club hosted a educational event in the Paterson room: The Business Plan Competition. The panel provided a platform for all PCCC (Passaic County Community College) students, residents of Paterson, and the entire Passaic County community to learn and gain insight from PCCC business students into the requirements for starting a business. The aim of this event was to inspire individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Participants had the chance to display their business acumen to a panel of judges and their peers, striving to win prizes. This year’s participants were Samantha Marte, Matthew Mendoza, Suhaily Narvaez, and Rubi Lopez.

This was an opportunity to develop professional skills while receiving insightful feedback from a pan

el of individuals with a wealth of business knowledge and experience. The judges for this event were Dr. Rikki Abzug from Ramapo College, Dr. Lucia Gheorghiu, Professor Thomas Haughey, and Mr. Paul Fox from PCCC.

The competition was intense, but by the end of the day, participants secured prizes from Lakeland Bank. The Business Leadership Club anticipates carrying on this competition, giving the leaders of tomorrow a platform to present their plans.

The entire event, from planning to execution, embodies the passion and dedication of Professor Khloud Kourani, Business Administration & Accounting, BLC Club Advisor. Her fervent commitment to making a positive impact in both the classroom and Business Leadership Club (BLC) activities serves as an inspiration for students, motivating them to strive for excellence and success in life.

For any questions relating to BLC club and club events please contact the Business Leadership Club at and/or club advisor, Professor Kourani at:

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