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Students Talk Financial Aid

By: Stacey Suero

Money is an important issue for any college student. Some students have received financial aid, some have not. It is a concern for many students around campus who are struggling to pay for their classes and cannot attend due to financial aid not coming through to help students. Depending on how students do their FAFSA and if FAFSA will decide

to give them money or not is a huge problem, because according to U.S News, 59 % of undergraduates receive grants or scholarship aid.

I started questioning students in PCCC about how financial aid has affected them and how should the process change. Nursing major,Stephanie Zorrilla, said that she does not receive financial aid due to the fact her parents make too much money. Zorilla says she could benefit from having financial aid because she has debt from having to take out student loans. “I had to drop out of one class that was required but my loan didn’t cover it so I had to pay out of pocket.”

“I had to drop out of one class that was required.”

Zorilla thinks that fafsa should take into account that just because families make a certain amount of money does not mean they are able to afford schools for their children, especially a household that has more than one child in college. Business student, Andrea Denson, said that financial aid has not affected her, everything has been paid for her by FAFSA. Denson said that she could benefit from having more financial aid to pay for more

classes. She said, “So far financial aid has been good to me, I’m in a lot of programs for scholarships and grants to help me.”

Nevertheless of financial views, students have different opinions on how financial aid has affected them, and have big ideas on how the financial system should be changed for students who can have a better future without having to worry about money getting in the way.

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