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Resume & Job Interview Skills

By: Indiana Done via. BLC

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, the Business Leadership Club (BLC) & Career Services held a professional event named “Resume & Job Interview Skills” in the Paterson room at the PCCC main campus.

The Resume and Job Interview Orientation was a much-needed event. Many times, students have the skills necessary for the job they are applying to but lack the ability to convey this information in their resume and during a job interview.

This is why the BLC was excited to host such events on campus. Many students had the opportunity to learn about how to improve their resume and perform better during an interview.

“We had the honor of having professor Tom Moore, who is an expert on this topic, orient the students on how to edit their resume and make a better presentation of themselves during a job interview,” said members of the BLC.

This event included an interactive demonstration from BLC members who acted out what is an acceptable and unacceptable performance during a job interview. Students also had the opportunity to learn about the many resources available at the school to help them with career-related topics.

Professor Khloud Kourani, the BLC club advisor, prepared a resume template explaining how to start a resume from scratch. Students who attended this event were able to have a copy of this helpful template.

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