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Queen on the Big Screen

By: Marialys Gonzalez

Ay-Oh! These words would have been heard by the thousands of Queen fans at the movie theaters. Finally, Freddie Mercury was to be alive again, back at Live Aid in 1985.

This iconic performance, of 18 minutes, could be experienced by fans who were not there or alive to witness Queen make rock music history. And how thrilling, the experience was.

Although, not in real time, the audience was able to feel captivated by the storytelling of the actors and the movie itself.

The movie was not a biography of the life of Freddie Mercury, but the journey of Queen, a British rock band. To construction of the band itself, their unique music, and difficulties with their management, the stories were out for the world to know.

Certainly, there was a focus on the world of the late legendary performer Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury. Many might know who Freddie Mercury is but to learn about his personal life is a different story.

As a fan of Queen in a new generation, it was amazing to experience the rock music era of the 70s and 80s. Also, it is interesting how 20 years is compiled into a 2-hour film, filled with music, love, and heartbreak.

There many times where I wish I could meet or go to a concert by my favorite artists who are already deceased. Although, a movie is nowhere meeting your idol, seeing and witnessing the artistry behind one of the biggest bands of all time, is all a fan could ask for. Through it all, I am so happy that this movie came to life and blessed mine deeply.

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