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Poetry by Ameenah Zughbi

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Dream My eyes paint mirages of us together My mouth paints pretty words that have never been said Uncertainty surrounds what lies ahead The future is but a blur

Wind I tell the wind my greatest secrets I feel her lift them off of my shoulders it is she who carries them out to foreign places Places where people do not belong

Silent Whispers

Too faint to understand Too loud to ignore The more I try to listen The less I hear Too light to let go Too heavy to hold I go about my day There it is again Calling me Whispering more and more It is only heard by me But how will I ever know

Winter Adventure

A blanket of snow covers the streets of Paris The colorless sky watches over me The wind howls a melodious call Cappuccino foam clings to my upper lip A book in my hand My grandmothers cashmere keeps me snug An adventure within an adventure My inner peace blooms Painting the entire city with vivid hues

5 Haikus 1. No Longer: Mist instead of rain Just enough to brush my skin You are barely here

2. Heart: It was once much more Now an organ that decays Love no longer fills

3. Time Flipping to the next Cannot look into the past Gone before you know

4. Silence Silent like the stars A sign of abandonment Scars to tell stories

5. Eyes: Look into her eyes Glimmering like an ocean Doorway to her soul

Ameenah Zughbi is a PCCC student majoring in English. A recent native of Little Falls, NJ she enjoys writing poetry, reading, and traveling. This is her first publication.

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