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Ouroboros (Haiku)

It feels like torture, 

To drown in your own hatred. 

You can’t just sit here. 


To just have it all, 

To fill the heart with much greed, 

Won’t stop it for now. 


To live life this way, 

Is a life without Soul. 

This is Ignorance. 


Agony, Pain, Loss,

over and over again,

without loss or gain.

The pain of all pain, 

To feel stuck with no way out. 



This vicious cycle, 

Needs to die for life to change. 

keep your spirit strong. 


You, Ruler of Earth, 

Should take control of all things. 

It’s all yours to have. 

Renunciate it.

Become the Impossible.

Expose the Darkness.


Break the feedback loop. 

Shut down what tears you apart. 

Look for the Way Out. 

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