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How Culture Influences Nursing

By: Yasmin Begum via. NSO

Diversity in nursing care is integral in providing culturally competent care. Here at Passaic County Community College, we pride ourselves in having a diverse student population— especially in the Nurse Education Program.

According to the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses, there is an estimated 75% Caucasian population of nurses, 23% Black or African American, 7% Hispanic, and 3.6% Asian nurses. More minority population students are encouraged to enter the nursing field to culturally expand competent care.

Health care providers seek diversity in the nursing field due to the increasing demands of diverse patient populations. Culture is often overlooked in critical healthcare areas but it is very crucial in providing care to a patient.

Healthcare decisions for many individuals are influenced by their cultural practices and beliefs. The American Nurses Association recognizes the need to provide culturally competent care and stated that all professional relationships should practice compassion with and respect for the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual.

Hospitalized patients and family members face many challenges and stresses—one of them is trying to keep up with their cultural practices in the event of death and illness. When nurses and other healthcare providers are culturally aware it becomes a smoother transition of care and comfort for patients and families as well as the healthcare team.

Being culturally aware reduces stereotyping and other misconceptions about individuals. It is a valuable skill in all realms of professions, not just healthcare.

At PCCC’s Nurse Education Program, first semester nursing students are encouraged to participate in a culture project to present various cultures.

The Nursing Student Organization chapter at PCCC encourages students to network and develop skills to build an impeccable resume.

Members of NSO participate in many community service projects. Last month we raised $535 for the Breast Cancer Society from the Bake Sale at the Passaic campus. Students also participated in the Breast Cancer Walk at Overpeck Park on October 28.

Stay tuned for next month’s article on Stress Management. Until then, stay hungry for more knowledge!

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