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Guaranteed Income Program for Paterson Residents By: Dixon Rexach Toro

Updated: Jan 3

The Guaranteed Income Program is an initiative that allowed 200 out of 6,000 qualifying low-income Paterson residents to win $400 a month for one year. The raffle, created by the Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey, Andre Sayegh, came to a close as he provided financial security for those struggling during the holidays.

One of the qualifying winners is our very own PCCC English Department Administrative Assistant Lorraine Hicks who will be able to use the money to fulfill any personal obligations in need of attention.

  On December 21, 2023, inside the Paterson City Hall, located on 155 Market St., Paterson, the Mayor set up a press conference with Ms. Hicks, PCCC’s Visions Newspaper and other news outlets.

Professor Caffie Risher was also present for the press conference, who stated that she advocated the program and guided Lorraine Hicks through the process of applying for it.

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