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Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus!

An online search showed that over 150 campuses across the U.S. have participated in gender neutrality by installing gender neutral bathrooms. Passaic County Community College has just become 151 st college to make the change.

Since last year, there has been discussion on whether PCCC should have gender neutral bathrooms. The agenda was met with slight conflict, where as certain students did not feel safe having an all inclusive bathroom.

To meet all students halfway, a decision was made to make all single bathrooms on campus gender neutral which would be in Pruden Hall, Zendell Hall and Hamilton Club.

After the decision was made there was still a question in the air, “would multiple stall bathrooms on the main campus be turned gender neutral.

President of the LGBTQ + Allies club, Katherine Avila, says that having gender neutral bathrooms on the main campus is really unlikely because it is rare that everyone would come to an agreement.

One student questioned whether single gender bathrooms was a accomplishment for the LGBTQ community, as all single bathrooms are generally thought of as all inclusive.

Whether an accomplishment or not, the signs marked on the door definitely send a message around campus that society is changing and becoming more accepting to the concept of gender neutral.

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