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Editor-In-Chief Dixon Rexach Toro’s Farewell Letter – Goodbye PCCC! by Dixon Rexach Toro

Hello Passaic County Community College (PCCC)!

I hope this letter finds you well.

With much sorrow, I express my deepest thanks to you for providing me with the space necessary to grow as a human being throughout my academic career. Unfortunately, I will not graduate with all of you in PCCC, for I must transfer out early.

The path of expansion and self-actualization has been a theme throughout my life. Being a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist Practitioner of 6 years, where I take every moment of my time to gradually expand my capabilities, I took the opportunity to accept PCCC’s resources to further drive my consciousness to expand toward new territory, to reach new frontiers for me to discover about myself. Eventually, that meant leaving behind what I still call home to embrace the unknown I have yet to encounter. Other than personal life situations that have hindered my ability to continue attending PCCC, I choose to go above and beyond the life I’ve already known and to seek new experiences for me to discover. Therefore, I must leave the life I've already made and start anew.

This transition has thrusted me to reside within the deep mountains of the mid-range Pennsylvanian region where I will now be attending Wilkes University there.

I give my deepest gratitude to those who have entered my life and aided me in the expansion process: My best friends Josue Vargas and Paul Angel Perdomo, My Visions Newspaper Team, Professor Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Professor Jill Sluka, Ms. Lorraine Hicks, The Alpha Eta Chi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, and Wellness Team members Lia Rowe, Bryan Moran, Yarmeka McCurtis, Megan Ocampo, and Autumn Pilatowski.

In my absence, a new Editor-In-Chief will take my place to lead PCCC’s news media organization. Her name is Jadelyn Amaris Villa, an excellent English Major capable of writing with much creativity, sourced with a philanthropic heart and empathic understanding of her community. 

I trust that she will provide great service to the PCCC and the Passaic County community.

Thank you PCCC! I’ll never forget!

-Dixon R.T.

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