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Christmas and Panther Spirit

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

By: Ashely Diaz and Stacey Suero

On December 12, PCCC hosted their annual Christmas party for the staff and faculty.

Everyone from all departments came to join the festivities.

Student organizations SGA, PTK, and LGBTQ joined on this occasion. The staff brought toys to put under the Christmas tree and and canned and boxed goods for PTK's collection for the food pantry.

Jay Marie Martinez, Treasurer of PTK, said the event helped immensely. It was the second time they received donations for the food pantry.

SGA/OSA participated in the event by collecting toys to donate to Eva’s Village; the LGBTQ club collected toys for the DayCare located on campus.

Everyone was very lively as they chatted around the room. The Christmas tree was the main attraction that made the whole room sparkle and fill with joy for the holiday spirit.

The party brought joy for the staff and it allowed everyone to have a chance to relax as the semester is almost to the end.

“The staff work hard all year and it’s very important to start a sense of family. It starts here, creating tradition where staff can get to know each other,” said President Dr. Steven Rose.

The food created by the PCCC cafe was a hit. There was a selection of salmon, beans, salad, turkey, eggplant, etc. The Hamilton club was decorated for the holiday season as there were wreaths and tinsel all around the building.

The desserts were so incredibly adorable that it made it very hard to eat them. However, people did take a bite, and it was a very delicious treat to eat. The ice cream and apple cider was also a very nice blend to have for the winter as it made everyone feel chilly and warm at the same time.

Everything was organized and fun; it is clear why this event would want to be kept as tradition.

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