Business Leadership Award

By: M. Media via. BLC

On March 29 2018, the Business Leadership Club (BLC) held an event to inform Business major students at PCCC about a new academic program in William Paterson University. The event was also held to honor some members of the BLC with certificates in recognition of their service.

The BLC had a representative from William Paterson University introduce their new Sales major. She talked about how Sales is an unknown high-demand major that is expected to keep rising in the upcoming years. An excellent school for business, William Paterson University made sure to participate in the BLC event and informed students about various options and scholarship opportunities.

During the second part of the event, awards were handed out to club members. First, Professor Kourani, the advisor of the BLC, was given an award by the club members for all the work she has done. The head of the business department, Dr. Cox, was also given an award for always dedicating his time to BLC events. Prof. Kourani handed out participation certificates to members who constantly volunteered their time to the club and were involved in BLC events.

Certificates were also handed out to people who went above and beyond for the club and ensured the club’s success. These certificates of excellence celebrated those top members of the club and gave other members something to strive for.

“This event was a success for the people who learned about William Paterson’s Sales program and saw a possible new pathway to success in the business world,” said club members.

“It was also a great way to celebrate those who always step up and give their all to the BLC and its events.”

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