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Business Etiquette in Profession Luncheon

By: ShaMayra M. Moses

On Thursday, February 28th, the Business Leadership Club conducted a professional event for all business students on the Wanaque campus.

I must admit the Business Etiquette in Profession Luncheon administered by Professor Khaloud Kourani and presented by Chef Louis Hernandez was not only great because of the delicious food, but also very informational. This luncheon taught us all things we would not think seriously mattered, such as the continental style of using your utensils.

In addition, I learned so much about interviewing meals, which is all about how employers need to trust that we can represent them in social settings with customers, clients, colleagues and competitors. They will be watching our dining manners.(These two points seem related) The focus is on the interview, not the food. Some of my fellow classmates actually spoke of a gain in interest in the culinary field due to this presentation.

I can not say the same for myself, but I did gain more knowledge and proper etiquette, even in attitude, in reference to eating out, whether it be personal or professional. I strongly feel as if I have been prepared for the many future business luncheons I will attend.

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