Your Children

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

They watch your children with judge filled eyes

And believe they are thieves.

They see your children walk the streets

And believe they are notorious criminals.

My beautiful city,

I know the truth. I know who we are.

We are your children,

Children to be proud of.

Children of success.

Children with courage .

Children who posses,


Strength and


We are not ashamed of your flaws.

We look past the blemishes of the wretched roads,

And the broken down homes.

We see the brightness you offer,

The role models who hold beacons of inspiration

And the families that grow and spread love.

You possess the warm feeling of hope.

At night where the evil shadows linger,

there you are shining your light in every street.

Because in this beautiful city

The horizon will always rise,

And life will always be cherished.

We are not thieves,

We are not notorious criminals,

We are Paterson.


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