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I continue to choose my words.

Why can I not speak the words that are on my mind.

Words shall always be apart of me.

They may hurt, sting but they shall always be me.

The chief always told me I shall never live.

I shall never please.

I am a disgrace to mankind and the tribes.

The chief never understood I’m free man.

I am me I follow and lead in my own way.

I make my light and build it to fit me.

I am the light at the top of the light house.

I control which way I point my light.

I am the one who points the boats in the right direction.

I am needed.

I shall shine bright no matter how much fog and mist I shall face.

No matter how dull you see me I shall shine.

Someone will always see my light.

No matter if it is not you.

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