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Winter’s End by Jadelyn Villa

I know you ache

I know every morning you have your sunrise accompanied by melancholy, keeping

the frosted blinds splintered for the weeping monstera who only wishes the crack of the light would reach you too

And a fleet of tears run dry, and they’ll march onto your bedside table from the top bunk

as you bow your head in shame for the shivering ivy

And headaches crawl into your frozen, vacant lot when all you want is a myriad of

summers cruising by in drones of warm laughter instead

Maybe that would keep the empty spaces full for longer before being blown away

and clouded in a blizzard of desolation

But you know it wouldn’t matter anyway, because March always feels like this

An unending feeling, one bordering on mania and paralysis

An undeserving one, too afraid to untwist the shades in fear that the flowers may never

bloom again But the coming season’s rebirth never comes without the pain of taking your first breath of life again

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