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Top 5 Christmas Presents

It is that time of the year again to give and receive gifts from loved ones, distant relatives, and maybe even strangers. A survey was conducted throughout the PCCC campus to see what were the top five gifts PCCC students would like for the holidays:

1. New shoes. Popular shoes desired were Uggs, Nikes and Timberland boots.

2. Clothes. What lasts longer than the gift of clothing? When buying new clothes, make sure you include the receipt in case it needs to be returned.

3. Money. Whether it’s a gift card or bond, there are many ways to gift money to someone. Bonds are a great way to turn a small amount of money into a long lasting investment.

4. A camera. Many students preferred a DSLR camera or Polaroid camera. The most common DSLR manufacturers are Canon and Nikon. P.S. If you get someone a polaroid camera make sure to get film for the camera.

5. A car. A couple of tips on getting a car is to make sure it has assured longevity. Also, make sure you have reasonable credit to get the best deals.

Good luck with your gift shopping! Happy Holidays, from the Visions staff to you!

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