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The Upcoming Prosthetic Artist: Speaking with Gustavo Adames

—By Kayla Stephenson

It’s a cold, windy day on Monday, November 16, as I sit in the living room belonging to a student from the Savini School of Special Effects waiting for him to finish his online class. I look around and see three different scary masks hanging on the wall—three very unique masks created by him. These masks were made using special molding techniques and makeup products to create a scary masterpiece.

Sculpting and using special makeup techniques helps create a masterpiece. Without them, a person’s project can look dull and unreal but Gustavo Adames, the upcoming Prosthetic Artist, is sure the expert when it comes to prosthetic projects.

Finally getting the chance to talk with Gustavo, who casually wore a hoodie, beanie, and his silver septum ring, he explained to me his childhood. “When I was five years old, I always had a strong passion to create my projects.” He also added that every time he would do school projects the teacher would always admire his work and that they would display it for the other kids to view. Gustavo Adames also added that he would practice his art projects at school and home trying to get better at coming up with ideas.

He believes he always had a support system growing up. He stated his “dad and brothers were supportive in what he wanted to do.” He added “My dad would say if you love something then go for it”—the words Gustavo carried his whole life motivating him to become better and make his parents proud.

Gustavo Adames has been living in Clifton New Jersey for twenty-three years. Having a strong passion for art Gustavo took on the role to learn more about prosthetic art at the age of eighteen.

He attended Passaic County Community College for a time majoring in Graphic Design before deciding to specialize in Prosthetic Makeup Effects in Pennsylvania when he found Savini School of Special Effects. After earning two prosthetic makeup awards for his Scary Mask in college class, Gustavo wants to go further in his future—to get a job as a Prosthetic makeup artist creating his creations for scary movies. He also wants his projects to be known and to receive awards for his work. He added that he wants to be financially stable so when he has children they would not have to worry about anything. He hopes that they will look up to his art and admire it so they can see how much hard work he has done.

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