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The Robotics Team Gears up for Another Round

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Paterson, NJ - Every Thursday at 2pm, the PCCC STEM Robotics Team meets in E210 for their weekly meeting, with staff members Dennis Reer, Russel Gambino, Patrick McQuillan, and David Hernandez presiding over the first meeting of the semester.

The robotics team has previously developed a robot that is capable of changing a tire, for use in a cancelled 2020 robotics competition. This semester, students are tasked with replicating the purpose of the prior robot, but this time independently and in small groups instead of in larger groups. Students are expected to come to the Makerspace in their free time to 3d model, 3d print, laser cut, and otherwise construct or program their teams robot.

The competition usually occurs in the gymnasium, where students will either pilot their robots, or watch as pre-programed AI moves their robots for them. The robot that performs the task both accurately and efficiently wins. While not strictly necessary, presentation is a bonus. The winning team’s school receives an official trophy.

Students have access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and Tetrix robotics parts to construct their machines, and will be able to compete at a PCCC run robotics competition later this semester. The robotics team is run by the PCCC STEM

program, which provides a variety of other services in addition to running the robotics team, the PCCC STEM department continues to have an open study space in E210, as well as Success Coaching for STEM students. The Success Coaches, Russel Gambino and Kathleen Vancheri, can assist with class scheduling, helping to find tutoring, supplemental instruction

(SI) courses, and their ultimate goal: to assist you in transferring to a four-year college. STEM also provides internship opportunities as well as exclusive scholarship opportunities for STEM students.

Interested students can reach out to the STEM department at for information on the Robotics Team and additional services.

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