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The Making of a Romantic: A Movie List

Be foolish because love is all there is. -Rumi

Growing up, I only ever watched romantic movies. Since I was a little girl, I grew familiar with tales as old as time. The underdog gets the girl, enemies turn into lovers, or the grumpy and sunshine duo. All of these hold a special place in my heart and continue to get me all the right feels.

This has led me to an innate desire to see every portrayal of all romantic tropes. So, in this list, I will pinpoint exactly which ones are worth marathoning this Valentine’s Day.

1.) The Notebook (2004)

How could I not start off with this classic? The most beautiful summer romance turned into life-long love is told in this novel adaptation. I remember seeing this movie as a pre-teen and realizing true love never goes away, it simply learns to carry on with you. I won’t give any spoilers but- Noah’s love for Allie is … for the books for sure.

2.) How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Ahh, yes, the guide to driving a playboy absolutely crazy. This movie is such a light-hearted fun watch, and although Andy does everything in her power to lead Ben away- their chemistry is undeniable. Watching a badass like Andy inspired me as a teenager- inspired me to cause absolute havoc with a smile of course.

3.) Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

An unbreakable connection. A disapproving mother. And game theory? This movie hit me hard as a young adult, as it portrays real-life impositions on the love you so desperately want to work. Rachel Chu- you are the epitome of a selfless and devoted woman in love.

4.) 50 First Dates (2004)

I watched this movie for the first time with my Spanish-speaking mother, and to this day she’ll ask, “Como se llama la pelicula de la q se le olvida su marido?” The woman who forgets her husband does not even begin to summarize what events took place in this profession of love that never gives up. Adam Sandler- this one deserved an Oscar award.

5.) Frida (2002)

This film adaptation of the late Frida Kahlo’s life changed my perspective on not only love but pain. The plot follows her painful love story with Diego, but I always saw it as the love story she had with herself. Her journey of womanhood is something I hold close to my heart, and all the misfortune she went through strikes me as if I experienced it too. Spoiler alert: we do not like Diego Rivera.


My list could go on forever, I have a whole lifetime of romantic movies I could choose from. But these will always be movies I recommend to anyone.

What romantic classic will you be watching this Valentine’s Day? Better yet… is your life a classic in the making?

Stay absolutely foolish,


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