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The Idyllic New Deal

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

If I was the next leader...

I have written The Idyllic New Deal, this revolutionary concept will involve both bipartisan to come into terms.

Every individual is asserting to maintain some political and economic power. My concept will have strong criticism on this general cause. I would look in the areas of employment first for a proper profession or trade stability nationwide. I would place a limit on the number of hours for every employed. I would reduce the hours to 30 hours and raise the minimum wage to 30.00 an hour.

If one decides to make one's living by engaging in commerce, the person is entitled to practice exchange in any form. However, if a person is employed under wages at an at a non-executive level, then the owner must prove the physical labor which he or she provided; to denote the transaction equitably.

I would grant free trade school programs for young men and women to secure their positions in the job market. The average athlete or entertainer made 7.7 million a year I will reduce the amount to half and use that to hire more teachers and raise the average salary for a public school teacher nationwide. The federal government will not arrest anyone prescribed or recreational uses for using marijuana. Education will speak upon social stigmatizes.

$5.4 billion of a taxpayer are used for prisons, cut down to half. Immigration is entitled to have their green visa card until and only they pass a criminal background test and drug screen.

Any government support as welfare only is used for disabled Americans. Must undergo a series of procedures intended to establish.

To get rid of Government Debt. The central banks will be owned and used for government affairs; monetary system and policy of a nation. American voters can take part in an activity or endeavor to see if policies design for them or their community.

I will establish a code to eliminate racism. A 1-year sentence of mandatory probation and community service; whether anti-black racism or anti-white expressions of thoughts and feelings. With a 1-year cultural diversity class. Until then, they are no longer confined and let loose to impart with Americans.

I would shut down Nasa and use that money to bring cheap electricity nationwide.

News will be funded by the government but will not advocate for any political party, belong solely to, or for the use of the people.

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