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The Government is Hurting Our Future

Updated: Nov 28

By Amanda Rivera—

Another begging issue is our children with learning disabilities. Many parents have questioned how they can help...Children with learning disabilities are facing the hard reality of being left behind next year.

By Amanda Rivera—

During this crisis more than one billion children are suffering academically during Covid-19 and parents aren’t happy about it. We have seen most, if not all, schools closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s safe to say that the government’s readiness, may be the downfall for our children.

With the way internet has been able to connect everyone and everything, one would think this would help with the learning process. Unfortunately, it is not.

Parents are concerned for their children because they are now being taught from home. Although there are websites available like Google trying to aid during the transition, nothing seems to help.

Some parents are not fortunate enough to be able to afford internet let alone a computer. With libraries closed and not being able to be within 6ft of others, it’s even more difficult to get free WIFI to attach to.

Now, these things don’t only affect our students but hinders our parents as well. With the loss of jobs and stability, stress is high.

Parents are forced to take time out, after losing jobs and income, to home school their children with no assistance. The parents that haven’t been laid off are able to work at home to keep their finances somewhat afloat. However, these parents must work and teach their children as well as they possibly can.

Another begging issue is our children with learning disabilities. Many parents have questioned how they can help and give the stability they don’t have. Children with learning disabilities are facing the hard reality of being left behind next year.

Teachers are also on high alert with attempting to get as many computers to needy families as possible with no luck. Some teachers that have a class of 30 or more, stress the fact that it’s not enough. There are too many students with not enough resources.

With wealthier communities it’s been helpful for them. Although, what about the resources for the less privileged that are going through this as well? Our children are suffering because of local and federal government problem planning.

Although, some schools were able to put in place a proposal to teach online. These teachers set up meeting rooms via Google or Zoom to teach and answer questions. While others lack the appropriate response.

Some school districts like Passaic have refused to offer online classes where the teachers can be face-to-face all together. They have sent home packets to parents with very little instruction and very little support. This little to no effort puts everyone in a terrible position.

Schools like Ryerson Elementary have a huge shortage of computers and resources. Ryerson’s own ability to contact parents with questions back on a regular basis have lacked completely. This renders our students and parents helpless during this time.

The positive is that some websites are offering free and low-cost learning to all children who sign up. has been giving out free audible books for children. Adventure Academy is giving out 2 months for $5 and adding 50% off for months up to a year.

Students that are fortunate to have parents full time in the home have been able to come up with interesting ways to keep busy. Many parents are schooling outside of the home and exploring their surroundings. Some say it is just easier to sit them in front of a computer all day.

How is all of this affecting our students? How is it leaving behind our students with learning disabilities? How is it stressing out our parents?

What our government should have done is, been more open about what’s going on and to have had a plan. Our main objective should also be the generation that will carry us forward. There is no such thing as being too prepared.

The problem is not only the government’s refusal to put our children first. We also have a problem with the schools not being well prepared and giving the proper learning tools. It’s safe to say that what’s going on is not in the best interest for our future.

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