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The Benefits of a Having a Furry Friend

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

By Daly Reyes—

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If I were to choose a must have thing in my life it would be a pet. Anyone who has ever shared a home with a pet is aware of how much happiness it brings to one’s life. Pets are furry (sometimes scaly, wet, feathery) loving, and smart creatures that are genuine company, and can sometimes be a great stress reliever. It can be anything from a dog, cat, fish, or a bird but they all serve a purpose of creating a lively environment. Having a pet is great for people who live alone or come from a larger family. They are great at developing responsibilities and constructing discipline. Pets are great for teens to develop skills and obligations that they have to learn to fulfill at some point in life. Although pets are sometimes a pain in the neck (just like kids), they make it all worth it as they show you true unconditional love. Having a first pet can teach children to build responsible behavior. Some responsibilities would be learning to feed it three times a day, walking it at least twice a day for half an hour, and don’t forget they get dirty so baths are defiantly mandatory. This will bring discipline to the household, and even unite families closer. I have witnessed my own family’s change in attitudes once we had gotten our first dog Toby. Toby finally brought peace to many problems at home that I thought would live on forever. Although he passed away two years ago at the age of twelve, his memories along with the lessons stay engraved in our hearts, and I will always be grateful for what he able to accomplish in my heard-headed family. The tremendous thing about a pet is that you learn many things from them like paying attention to their behavior and sometimes listening. What’s even better, there are different variations of pets for different types of people. Now, I understand that some people may be athletic and others not so much, but for our athletes dogs are a great option. Canines are great for healthy living and exercise because they constantly need to be walked and socialized outdoors. Now a person who is always busy at work, and does not have much time to completely commit to a bigger pet could find something smaller such as a cat. Cats as they are more independent, and don’t need as much attention as a dog might, are usually better choices for those overloaded owners. Fish, turtles and maybe even little mammals like hamsters are great for beginners or children. Everyone deserves a cuddle buddy at home, and there are tons of reasons as to why one should get pet. They can be perfect gifts for all ages because they provide a special company. Most elderly usually live on their own which is the main cause of depression, and a simple solution is a cute friend. It is even better when one is able to adopt at a local shelter and avoid having a furry friend get put down. Unfortunately, they are many local shelters that are overflowing with dogs and cats who never got the experience of a good warm forever home. For a person like me who sometimes battles with seasonal depression and anxiety, I benefit from these amazing creatures. On a day where life just seems to tear me down, or things don’t go the way they should, arriving home to a jolly wagging tail makes it that much better. Pets bring such a positive light and energy. Who wouldn’t want to show up home to a wet kiss with endless loving attention? Learn more about what Passaic County SPCA has to offer:

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