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The Amazing Total Solar Eclipse

On Thursday, December 14, 2020,7:30 am EST NASA prerecorded the entire session of the solar eclipse. The celestial event is an exciting opportunity to see how different parts of the world are seeing the line of vision. A lot of people construe the solar eclipse to appear as a motif from classical mythology or the final destruction of the world. If you are new to stargazing, they are systematic studies that can clear the space odyssey inside your head. The Spanish language NASA program in Chile and Argentina has recorded the live stream event for one hour with commentary in both English and Spanish.

The phenomenon can only be observed when standing on the contrived line in what experts call “The Path of Totality.” When standing inside “The Path of Totality,” the total solar will overtake the sky, casting two dark shades called the penumbra and the numbra. The penumbra has the ability to modify wider and expansive shadow with much less hue. The numbra is a lengthier shadow with a thinner width and denser hue.

The Total Solar eclipses can only be seen once the moon orbits around the earth turning its backside onto the sun while aligned and balanced with the sun's field of vision. It produces a hot glow that appears to loop around the astronomical sphere, called the corona, (which ironically means crown in Spanish). In the process of totality, the moon enters the numbra and can also have an effect in where the earth projects a blue beam onto the moon infusing the colors to turn reddish, resulting in the blood moon. Many people infer this to be the beginning of the apocalypse.

For the next solar eclipse, make sure to wear sun glasses when standing on the shadow while looking at a directional point towards the cosmos, or you will melt the inner barriers of your eyes.

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