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Student Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday November 29th, SGA speaker Leen Abaza opened up the SGA Town Hall meeting that would discuss Guided Pathways, the support of general neutral bathrooms, and free tuition.

According to Dr. Dawn Norman, Guided Pathways is a national initiative that improves academic success through support services inside and outside the classroom. The Initiatives are a way of increasing retention and completion rates and reducing students’ accumulation of excess credits.

The initiative breaks majors up into six “pathways” and each pathway is assigned a different color.

Students that are returning to PCCC can go to the Academic Success Center and register for revised faculty advisement and support. While being advised, students will be gain connections which will help them find and maintain their “pathway” to success. l.

Dr. Norman has also pointed out the progress that has been made because of Pathways. Faculty developed program maps that help guide students to take only classes that are needed. Pathway specific points of connection provide proactive student support.

Developing a student planning module frees faculty to dedicate more time to academic concerns and career advice; they can also participate more in student workshops and open houses.

The module also empowers students to take a more active role in registration.

Ashley and Michelle discussed the potential result of gender neutral bathrooms, or bathrooms for all genders. It is important to make everyone comfortable and included. It could provide a safe place for people. This may be accomplished by taking down gender signs and replacing them with gender neutral signs.

Maria Luisa Marte, Director of Student Activities, discussed the tuition-free grant and its eligibility. To be eligible, you must have an income of 45,000$ or less, be registered for at least six credits, and have filled out your FAFSA.

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