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Social Workers- The Superheros on Campus

In every hardship throughout history, Social workers have stood in the front lines ready to aid the community in its weakest hours. Since the pandemic caused the college to operate remotely, the Student Advocacy department has served as a resource to provide essential assistance to students.

Throughout the pandemic, Student Advocacy has continued to serve students by helping them overcome obstacles by providing resources and advocating for their best interests.

The director of Student Advocacy, Lia Travers and her team have collaborated with many campus organizations to hold domestic violence, mental health, stress relief, and government assistance info-sessions.

“Lia and Tina were awesome at the domestic violence workshop! I learned about unhealthy relationships and signs of emotional abuse. I had no idea of signs before the workshop,” said a Women of Change, Success, and Inspiration (WOCSI) student member.

“In a stress relief workshop, Lia ran a meditation, and participating helped me alleviate my stress about finals and let my emotions run freely to the point that tears started to drop down my face unconsciously,” said Phi Theta Kappa Vice President of Fellowship, Bianca Osma.

“ Our goal is to support students who endure out-of-classroom struggles, so that they can be successful in their academic career and beyond,” said Director of Student Advocacy Lia Travers.

The Student Advocacy department has also assisted all CARES applicants by providing them customized community resources, assistance in navigating issues with homelessness, eviction, internet/power bill assistance programs, as well as correspondence regarding application questions.

Additionally, The Student Advocacy department has collaborated with PTK and the Panther Cafe to bring On the Go- Meal Distribution, which provides all students who register for the program 5 pre-cooked, nutritious meals weekly as well as info on food resources in the community, SNAP, and more.

“We are all about safety and being considerate and mindful of each other's health and wellness during this unprecedented time. As a social worker, the wellbeing of those I serve is the top priority, as well as upholding and supporting their dignity, worth, and potential. To promote the safest environment possible, we are mostly operating virtually with students while we are in-person as staff. Students do not necessarily need to "come in" to receive our services, but we are here and are available in-person on a limited , case by case basis. We want our students to feel safe, comfortable, and supported,” stated Travers.

“The social workers in the Student Advocacy are doing a great job in supporting students, their work is integral, and greatly valued,” said President of the college, Dr. Steven Rose.

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