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Showcasing The Art of Anna Carina Sinocchi

Passaic County Community College held an art showcase displaying the contemporary art created by Anna Carina Sinocchi last Thursday.

The light reception was held at the Hamilton Club building on Church Street showcasing several works of art.

The reception had food and drinks while the room was filled with many of Sinocchi's artwork. Her art has ties to so many institutions such as the Paterson Museum and the Newark Public Library.

Sinocchi was also featured in the New York Times because of her artwork.

Sinocchi's artwork had a unique signature to the numerous paintings surrounded in the room.

One of her styles of painting is creating patterns of Roman arches displayed in different variations.

"The roman arch is a metaphysical reaction upon visioning them," Sinocchi said. "It has a spiritual pull that gives me a powerful emotion to draw them." Her "Arcade" series that portray the different styles of how she portrays the Roman arch gives a clear visual to how her work changes based on the emotion she feels and why she wants the viewer to interpret it in a sense where she felt those same feelings.

Another unique quality in Sinocchi's artwork is her purpose of making line art.

"I love lines." Sinocchi stated, "The reason I use lines in my work is to convey my spasms of the infinite that comes over me, that lines are infinite yet in my painting are they interpreted as contained."

Notable figures like Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. knows the name "Sinocchi" due to her influence with the art she creates. Paterson Mayer Andre Sayegh also visited the showcase to see the collected works of art that Sinocchi had displayed at the showcase.

Sinocchi started her series of lines and arch art in 2012 around her 2nd year in her graduate program at William Paterson University, where she earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Fine Arts.

She is still an esteemed artist who continues with her passion for creating contemporary art and hopes to create much more soon. Sinocchi is also an adjunct professor at Passaic County Community College and teaches students the beauty of embracing art.

For more information regarding her art, visit Anna Carina Sinocchi’s website at

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