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Primetime Emmy Awards Review (Acting Only)

By Angel Camacho -

Recently I watched the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards and of course before watching the Emmy’s I watched all of the nominated shows and episodes to make sure that everyone deserved their respective wins.

First and foremost, I enjoyed the fact that there was not a host this year which was similar to the Oscars earlier in the year and I’m hoping that going forward more award shows will stop using hosts because hosts are overrated these days.

First award is the award for Movie/Miniseries Supporting Actor. I agree with Ben Whishaw’s win because his performance was sublime, and he was predicted to win and of course he ended up with the trophy and he truly deserves his win.

I don’t agree with Patricia Arquette’s win for Movie/Miniseries Supporting Actress because Patricia Clarkson shined in Sharp objects and while I think Arquette is an amazing actress she truly didn’t shine as big as Clarkson did.

Jharrel Jerome’s win as Movie/Miniseries Best Actor was also well deserved. His emotional acting and performance in When they See Us was outstanding. I personally thought either Sam Rockwell or Mahershala Ali would win but Jerome got it and I’m not mad because he performed to the best of his ability.

Finally, Michelle Williams finally received her due as she won for Movie/Miniseries Best Actress. After years of being nominated for Oscars/Tonys/Emmys (most of which she was robbed of wins) she finally got what she deserved and her performance in Fosse/Verdon was a fine performance.

Now onto the Comedy section. Tony Shalhoub received the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He certainly was the favorite heading into the awards since he was up against some talented comedians. It was either him or Alan Arkin but, in the end, he received the award and it adds to his list of achievements officially earning four Emmy awards.

Alex Borstein received Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the second year in a role. She deserves this achievement; she is a true talent and she’s funny as hell. Everyone thought that Olivia Colman had it in the bag, but she didn’t, and I’m thrilled she didn’t win because Olivia Colman is like a virus and I still believe her Oscar win was a fluke.

Bill Hader received Best Actor in a Comedy Series for the second year in a role this; guy is just amazing at what he does, and his Emmy Reel outshined his other male nominees. Long story short his win was well deserved.

Now onto Best Actress in a Comedy Series. I personally don’t like the voting for this one as the winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge didn’t do enough to win this award. I have nothing against Waller-Bridge, but this award should have went to either Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Rachel Brosnahan as they both had outstanding Emmy Reels but let me stop here before I get out of character.

Finally, we are at the Drama categories. Peter Dinklage does it again as he received Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for the fourth time in his illustrious career. He was up against six other talented gentleman two of which were his co-stars in Game of Thrones, and he managed to outclass all of them respectively. I appreciate Dinklage’s talents and I hope he receives more opportunities after Game of Thrones.

I wasn’t really a fan of the Supporting Actress in a Drama this year, but I’ve watched all of their Reels and I feel like Julia Garner won fair and square as she outclasses five other actresses four of which were Game of Thrones nominees.

Now onto the Lead categories we start with Best Actor in a Drama Series. With A-List nominees it was hard to pick a winner, but Billy Porter won, and it truly was a tough race with such talent. Billy Porter’s win was well deserved, and this win adds on his incredible list of accolades and fun fact - he is one win away from being on the EGOT list as all he needs is the Oscar.

Lead Actress was not a fair choice. Jodie Comer received the honor this year, but it wasn’t well deserved. Again, I have nothing against her work but Sandra Oh should have received the award; she has worked harder and showed more talent than her fellow nominees. Long story short Oh got robbed.

Overall the Emmy’s were good; I just didn’t agree with some of the wins but then again everyone has their own opinions, and everyone has their wins, and everyone has their losses. My overall score for the Emmy’s is 7.8/10 they missed the other 2.2 points because they allowed Olivia Colman to be nominated.

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