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PCCC Student is Making Strides

With so many interesting accounts, gaining a large following on social media can be difficult nowadays. One student at PCCC, however, has figured out how to grow a massive audience doing what he loves.

Nicholas Jordan, a 21-year-old graphic design student and freelance photographer, received praise for the aesthetic appeal of his social media presence. This inspired Nicholas to create a YouPic account, which is similar to a combination of YouTube and Twitter.

His account, nickjordan, received 100,000 views in his first month on the platform.

The following month his viewership increased to 350,000, and this month, it is up to 600,000. The following was only part of his accomplishment, as photographers began reaching out to Jordan to work with him. Jordan quickly realized that his passion could become a lucrative venture.

“That’s when it hit me. [I realized] that I need to work harder and be the top in my field no matter the consequences,” Jordan stated.

Some of Jordan’s favorite themes include, but are not limited to, abstract images, animals, architecture, fashion, fine art, food, and wedding pictures. He has taken pictures for NJ exotic pets, Absolute fish, and Fish Hut.

Recently, Amazon contacted Jordan to be in their influencer program, an offer that requires a viewership minimum of regular 400,000 views.

His collaborations on Instagram have gained the most momentum. Influencers @ hif3licia and @sojazzaye have gained over a million views on posts that Jordan worked on. His work can be found on his business Instagram, @Jordan__ Designs, or @fi nesse_kingj.

In addition to photography, Jordan is an experienced videographer: “I did a whole documentary for Benjie Wimberly in the past. It is under Benjie Wimberly “Coaches & Politics Documentary” on YouTube.”

In the next four months, he expects big plans to be put into action. “What I usually do is [go] to big expos by myself and talk to many companies by networking,” Jordan says. “It is not all about the money to me. It’s all about getting the exposure by being known for my hard work.”

Jordan has also considered pursuing a career in basketball, a sport he has been formally involved in for seven years. Leagues such as Nes Sports, NJ Urban League, Hoopsville, Bergen Basketball League, Mecca Basketball, Zog, and NJ Play have reached out to recruit Jordan to their teams. But for now, Jordan is sticking to graphic design. From his work, he hopes to inspire others to be dedicated and hard-working too.

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