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After losing two games out of their three year consecutive return to the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3, on February 3rd.

In the first quarter of the game, fans anxiously sat as they watched both team defenses refuse to allow one another to score. There wasn’t a score on the board until the Patriots successfully earned a 3-point field goal in the second quarter.

Despite the Patriot’s intimidation, the Rams also scored a 3-point field goal in the third quarter.

At that point in the game, many were predicting a long fight that would break the tie. But, it wouldn’t be until Sony Michel, 24, Patriots rookie, belted through the end zone and made the first touchdown in the game.

Upon receiving four more points later on, the Patriots officially took the win for the 6th time since 2002.

Super Bowl LIII set many records in just one night. This Super Bowl was the lowest scoring game in history, with no touchdowns in the first three quarters. It was also the first Super Bowl to have a set of twins, Devin and Jason McCourty, win!

To tie everything together, Julian Edelman won the Super Bowl MVP for his amount of receiving yards.

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