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Movie Review: 3 From Hell

By Angel Camacho

Rob Zombie returns to his roots by bringing the infamous Firefly family back to life in this outstanding movie. “3 From Hell” is the sequel to the cult classic 2005 film “The Devils Rejects” and brings back the devilish trio that fans have been longing to see for thirteen years.

After being presumably killed by the police in the previous film, the Firefly family are revealed to be alive but in jail for their horrendous crimes. Legendary fan favorite Sid Haig is only seen for 10 minutes due to his real-life health which have caused some re-shooting and rearranging the script, but Haig makes the most of those 10 minutes before his characters untimely death.

Newcomer Richard Brake whom received his role due to Haig’s health issues makes most of his newfound opportunity given to him by Zombie. His character development is beyond outstanding but of course it doesn’t outshine Bill Moseley’s character Otis Driftwood.

Moseley goes further into his iconic role by being darker than the previous films. You can see he has compassion for his family despite his obnoxiousness by going through great lengths to break his sister out of prison along with Brake’s character Winslow.

Sheri Moon Zombie once again makes the most out of her iconic Baby Firefly character. In this film her backstory is more explored, and it shows how much she had endured in her past. Moon’s acting outshines her male counterparts in this film.

The way Zombie brings this film together on such a small budget is quite fascinating and it shows how much he worked hard despite not having enough financial back up on his side and he truly deserves praise for this.

The chemistry between the trio who make up “3 From Hell” also deserves praise as all three of the main characters bring it to the table. It’s extremely sad that Haig’s scenes were given to Brake but it’s also a gain for Brake since he made the most of his opportunity and it shows he didn’t disappoint in the film

Overall, the highly anticipated sequel to the horror classics from Rob Zombie didn’t disappoint and its exactly how it should’ve gone. My overall score for the film is 10/10.

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