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Laser Cutting at PCCC

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

On Wednesday December 7th, Professor Sluka, Professor Hernandez, and Professor Reer hosted a laser cutting workshop in room A311 at the Paterson Main campus.

More than 10 students showed up to bring to life their designs into ornaments for the upcoming Christmas season- all of which were created on the Adobe Illustrator software.

The final designs were turned into files using the Vector Based Illustrator, that would be exported as SVG files to be read by the laser cutting machine. Students were able to create their designs out of plexi glass or wooden frames.

The engraving process is as follows: needle touches the canvas ensure thickness is sufficient, then engraves the design onto a canvas, and finally the blade then cuts out the design.

The Epilog Laser Machine was attached to another machine called a BOFA- a filtration system that helps keep the smoke in check through 3 different filters.

Student Samir Ahmed is seen pictured with his designs, where he states "the left is mine- which I will probably hang on my book-bag- and the right ornament is for my sister!"

This Laser Cutting Workshop was the perfect exhibition of how interactive this kind of activity is for students- no matter their major all were welcome!

For more information on how to participate in laser cutting at PCCC, feel free to contact Professor Sluka at

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