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Job and Career Workshop for PCCC students By: Dixon Rexach Toro

On Wednesday, February 14th, inside the Paterson Room, Career Services and the Office of Student Affairs collaborated together to host the Student Job & Career Fair for students to have the opportunity to sign up in various clubs and organizations with the intention of jumpstarting their career. 

The purpose of the event was to give PCCC students a chance to be a part of the workforce and to pave the way for a life beyond their financial circumstances by contributing to the PCCC community or building their career beyond the campuses. 

Center of Wellness, Student Advocacy, and Prevention staff members Yarmeka McCurtis, Megan Ocampo, Peer Leader and Visions Newspaper’s Editor-In-Chief Dixon Rexach Toro was present to represent the Wellness Center.  

Other groups like the Student Support Services, The Financial Aid Offices, and Career Services were actively engaged in the event as well, providing students with information to answer their inquiries. 

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