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How to Register for Next Semester in Three Easy Steps

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With all the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic and school moving to online and remote, it may be tricky to register for your classes for next semester. The comfort of easily working with an advisor in person to schedule your classes is no longer available. Do not worry fellow students we have you covered and will show you how to register in three simple steps.

1. When you arrive at the Passaic County Community College home page, go to “My PCCC” just as if you were going to your student portal. Once you are in the student portal directly under blackboard you will see “my class schedule.” From there, you can plan your degree and schedule your courses.

2. To add a term click on the + symbol, and then select which semester you would like to schedule your courses for. Go to the search bar on the right-hand side and type in the first three letters of your desired course, for example ST-112 (Intro to Theater). Once the course pops up select how you would like to take the course, either online, remotely or in person.

3. Afterwards you can “add section to schedule,” which will put the course on your schedule as a “planned course.” The course will be yellow when it becomes a planned course. Now that your course is planned to your schedule you can click the blue “register now” button to lock in your spot. The course will become green after you register.

If you have any trouble registering for class for next semester you can reach out to the Registrar’s Office by calling them at 973-684-6400 or emailing them REGISTRAR@PCCC.EDU.

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