How To Bounce Back From a Bad GPA.

It’s a new semester, and you have a new schedule that promises more work and requires high ambition. As you prepare you can’t help but feel stressed about the GPA you received last semester. You wonder “How can I fix this?” or “What four-year college will accept me now?” Well, you no longer have to wonder because here are 10 tips on how to bounce back after receiving a low GPA.

1. Erase the “dis” from courage! Getting a low GPA is highly stressful and can make you feel like it’s the end, but it is only an opportunity to motivate improvement. Use a GPA calculator online to see what grades you will need to improve your average. Nothing is impossible when you work hard.

GPA calculator:

2. Identify your habits and let them go. Everyone has habits. Some are good and some are bad. Scrap your bad habits and replace them with your preferred habits.

3. Know your limit. If your GPA took a beating because you took too many classes, make sure to not schedule the same amount in the future. An ideal amount of classes for the average student is 4 per semester.

4. Remain confident. Despite the decrease in average, remember you are intelligent and capable.

5. Keep in mind that it’s not all about grades. Grades are important but they aren’t your sole representation. Someone with 3.0 and a great resume has a better chance in getting accepted at a college than someone with a 4.0 and no outside experience.

6. Talk to your previous professors. If you don’t understand or agree as to why you scored low on a final class grade, speak with your professor to get a full understanding on how your grade lead to where it is.

7. Don’t be afraid of tutors. Tutors are a great resource for you. Don’t feel ashamed for needing a tutor. Even a 4.0 honors student needs a tutor every now and then.

8. Make time to study. It is easy to make excuses for not studying but truth is, you need to study and there is no way out of that. Try studying for at least 1-2 hours a day.

9. Make your anxiety take a back seat. Try your best; don’t strain yourself. If you receive a low assignment grade here and there, figure out what you need to improve and move on with a better plan for preparation.

10. Visit a academic advisor. Seek out an academic advisor for more options on how to build a better GPA.

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