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Five sports Movies to watch during Quarantine

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

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Most of us are sitting in our houses unsure what to do during quarantine. The days go by slowly and at times there is literally nothing to do. Some people are reading books while others are watching movies. If you enjoy watching sports movies or just are a movie fanatic, here are five of my favorite sports movies that you can watch during quarantine.

5. Miracle (2004) The 1980 U.S. Men's Hockey team did the unthinkable when they defeated the Soviet Union at the Olympics 4-3 in the Olympic God Medal game. This movie captures how the team was able to win and be one of the most successful U.S. Olympic hockey team's.

4. Creed (2015) If you loved the "Rocky" movies, chances are you will enjoy "Creed." This movie is about Apollo Creed's son Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan. He is a boxer who overcomes obstacles as he tries to rise to the top.

3. Remember the Titans (2000) Remember the Titans is one of actor Denzel Washington's most iconic films. He coaches a high school football team in Virginia and the team does not get along with each other. This film is also based on a true story.

2. Love and Basketball (2000) This movie is not only a sports movie but is also a love story. It is one of actors' Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan's best films. If you enjoy sports or romance movies, this is the perfect film for you.

1. 42 (2013) 42 is about the life and baseball career of Jackie Robinson. It shares his trials and tribulations throughout his baseball career. Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball back in 1947. This personally is my favorite sports movie of all time.

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