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Five Helpful Tips in Taking Online Classes

Students may have a hard time transitioning from physical lectures to online platforms. Due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, all schools have switched to an online interface. However, it does not have to be a draining experience but requires diligence, similar to being a regular student.

With Zoom and BlackBoard being a student’s new pair of best friends, it is essential to maximize the potential one can have been online. At PCCC, most professors before the transition utilized BlackBoard or open educational resources (OER) in their daily classes. Here are some helpful tips to be consistent and excel in the new online setting of college courses.

1. Manage your time

It is imperative as a student, whether online or not, to manage one’s time. Planning the week and the assignments and the zoom meeting times make it much easier to stay true to your tasks.

Creating a journal or putting reminders on a phone or laptop can keep a person on their toes in what to do in their courses.

2. Get Familiar With Your Computer

This tip is vital to those who are not computer literate. While this can be challenging for some, BlackBoard has a support service that is 24/7!

Learn and practice using your computer, even with friends or family that can help you get in the routine of becoming a computer whiz.

3. Removing All Distractions

Removing distractions when you are studying or learning about microbiology may be easier said than done. For students who have to keep their doors open to watch their kids, it can be tough.

However, finding times and moments where you can keep a closed-door, be in an isolated area with no games, music, or Netflix are crucial moments in maintaining a constant focus on your studies.

4. Connect to a fast internet service

It is okay to stress to your internet service provider how pivotal internet speed can be as an online student. With slow speeds, loading up a lecture or a sizeable PowerPoint can be time-consuming, frustrating, and unnecessary.

If you have no access to an internet source, see below for providers offering flexible and free internet service.

5. Take A Break!

While it is critical to grind and get the work done, it can be easy to drown in a sea of online assignments and discussion boards.

Sometimes, doing excellent work is from the result of taking a mental break from the stress.

Listen to some music, play a board game with your loved ones quarantined with you.

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