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Eric Alexandrakis Set to Release “Love’s A Bitch” Album, Feb. 1st

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

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They say if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it at all. That, however, would be a disgrace to my “profession” of reviewing “music” for the “paper.”

I put “profession” in quotes because I am not a professional, but a student; I put “paper” in quotes because everything we publish is currently online; and I put “music” in quotes because that which I heard was, at times, not my cup of tea.

Should that deter you from listening to this record? Probably not. I have the music taste of a grumpy, 60-year-old man.

It isn’t all bad though, read on.

“Love’s a Bitch” is a compilation of new material, and love songs from Eric Alexandrakis, an American recording artist who according to his bio, studied music business at the University of Miami. It is set to be released February 1st.

The album features a myriad of notable guests including Steve Ferrone of The Heartbreakers fame and John Taylor, bass player for Duran Duran.

Alexandrakis’ spoken word album, “I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years as a Two Time Cancer Survivor” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2019.

“Love’s A Bitch” is a Alexandrakis’ “quirky Valentine’s Day” contribution, according to his press release. The album provides 9 tracks of ambient, psych-tinged pop.

Notable is Alexandrakis’ use of a 16-track recorder as opposed to modern conventional recording techniques to complete recording of the album. This does not hinder the quality of production. The album sounds squeaky clean and polished.

The record’s contents dip between moments of catchy, energetic, rock-tinged tracks like “Mediterranean Sun,” and “I Love Me,” and synth-based electro-pop on songs like “Stalker Fever,” and “London Girls.”

The album finds its strongest point in its third track, “She Sparkles,” the most laid back and most rockin’ of all the songs on the record. Alexandrakis utilizes vocal harmonies and effects in the recording that complement the driving, guitar-based pop tune well.

What stands out to me about this track is its seemingly more “organic” approach; It feels less “over-produced” than others on the album. The effects used are minimal and complimentary to the song.

In stark contrast is “I Love Me,” which I found to be overproduced, bubblegum incarnate. The lyrics to this and some of the other songs felt pretentious (I don’t know the guy, maybe he’s just really confident).

Other tracks seemed directionless, like “Caroline, the Hot Flight Attendant,” and “RIP Unfinished Business.” These can be equated to a musical stream of consciousness. But not in the clever, introspective, substantial “Monty Python,” way. They sound more like overproduced but unfinished ideas.

Another track, “It Was Me,” was a solid rock instrumental that I thought could have benefited from words and vocals. In my opinion there was potential here, and maybe he can utilize this one for his next album.

In conclusion, fans of synth-based pop or bubblegum-esque 80’s new-wave ala Duran Duran meets Blink-182 should take a listen. All others beware. You won’t find much substance here, but music doesn’t need to have substance all the time; some people just want to dance.

More Information about Eric Alexandrakis can be found at:

Editor’s note; PCCC was contacted by Eric Alexandrakis’ Minioan Music for a Review

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